My Month of Facial Hair

mustache 2So, there I was…staring at myself in the mirror. Looking at all the minuscule hairs coming out of my face. Under my nose. On my chin. Most were brown. Some had a hint of red. Others were grey. It was late October and I was getting sick of shaving everyday for work. It’s so tedious. November was about to begin and I knew I could get away without shaving (at least part of my face) for 30 days.

“Movember” is a cultural phenomenon that brings awareness to men’s health. Specifically, followers of Movember raise money for testicular and prostate cancer. Followers are supposed to grow a mustache during the month of November in order to show their support of these diseases.  We’re changing the face of men’s health.  Raising funds is also a big part of Movember.

This year I decided to go all in and grow a stache and throw my support behind this great cause. How hard could it be? It’s just a little facial hair. I see people everyday rockin’ mustaches. Why would mine be any different? And so my month with a mustache begins.

Days 1-4: These were extremely easy. I started out clean shaven and didn’t shave for the first 4 days. I wanted a good base of scruff to start off with.

Day 5: I shaved, but left a goatee. Technically, this was against the rules of Movember. Since turning 30 I’ve been a big stickler for rule following. I felt a little guilty, but I still wanted the stache to grow in a bit more before I shaved around it. Otherwise, I would have looked like a 14 year old growing out my facial hair for the first time.

Day 7: I shaved and left the mustache.

Day 8: Had a conversation with another mustached man. A common bond is realized.

Day 11: Wife goes on record and states her distaste for it. I also return to school after a week long break: My students love it…I think.

Day 12: I have my wife say goodbye to it in the morning. I contemplate naming it, but I don’t want to get too attached.

Day 17: Niece takes one look at it and has some strong opinions on it.

Day 18: It is absorbing fluids. It takes in my green smoothie very nicely.

Day 19:  Guidance counselor at school calls me a pornographic movie star. (insert cheesey-sexy music here)

Day 25:  The Assistant Principal at school tells me that it is coming in nicely.  SCORE!

Day 27:  I tell my students to wave goodbye to the stache…next time they see me, they’ll need to call me babyface.

Day 30: The Big Shave.

It felt like a quick month with my new friend. I’m talking about that guy I saw every time I passed a mirror. All things considered, it was extremely easy and entertaining to maintain my facial hair. I received some laughs from people I knew and some quizzical stares from those I didn’t. Outside of Brooklyn (hipster central), you don’t see many young men with mustaches.

Many of my onlookers didn’t know that I was growing that seductive stache for a good cause. I wanted to bring awareness to men’s health. I know October is owned by breast cancer and their pink ribbons, but how many of you know the color of the prostate or testicular cancer awareness ribbons?  How many NFL teams are wearing those colors during the month of November? The fact of the matter is, according to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts and Figures 2013, there are more newly diagnosed men with prostate cancer than newly diagnosed women with breast cancer….and more deaths. And I didn’t realize that until right now…as I write this post.

As far as my fundraising efforts are concerned. I joined a fundraising team through the Art of Manliness site (great site).  There were 374 members on this team and we raised a total of $20,844. Globally, members of all teams through registered through the Movember site raised a total of $93,232,992! Amazing!



I'm a regular guy with a regular job. I write for fun, self-reflection and to possibly impart some of my thoughts on those that will listen. I do not claim to be an expert on anything, but have opinions on many things.

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