My Month of Good Deeds: Driving

Photo Cred: Brandon Doran

Image: Brandon Doran

I almost witnessed my first car wreck today. This incident had the makings of being a total loss for one of the motorists. I gasped and waited with anticipation as I watched an SUV change lanes and a yellow Mustang swerve away from possible destruction. The Mustang must have been going 90 mph and trying the pass the SUV on the right. Everyone turned out OK, but I know the driver in the Mustang must have had a mess to clean up in his car whenever he reached his final destination.

I’m not an expert on driving. Others have been driving longer than me. I’ve been mastering my skills since 1997. For the past 4 years, I have spent a lot of time in the car driving to and from work. On a good day, (good day is defined as catching every green light, hitting no construction traffic, perfect weather and hitting no commuter traffic) I can make it to work in just under an hour. I consider myself a courteous driver. There are plenty of crazy drivers on the road, but I think I drive in a cautious manner. Coincidently, my wife thinks I’m one of them. (please refer back two sentences to see what I consider myself.)

This isn’t necessarily a good deed I performed today, but more of a list on how to be a more courteous driver.

  1. Check your mirrors….constantly
  2. Merge properly (every other)
  3. Let those big trucks in
  4. When you see another trying to merge on a highway, switch lanes if possible
  5. Stay out of the left lane if you’re taking your time
  6. Don’t block intersections or driveways
  7. Use your manners

If you can drive with someone else’s safety in mind, then you’ll probably pass the test.

How do you drive courteously?


I'm a regular guy with a regular job. I write for fun, self-reflection and to possibly impart some of my thoughts on those that will listen. I do not claim to be an expert on anything, but have opinions on many things.

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