Lord of the Tape Roll

thetaperollkidSo, apparently I’m on a kick of telling people that I won contests in my earlier years.

Did you know that I won a tape rolling competition when I was in high school? I don’t know what’s funnier…the fact that I kept a straight face while telling someone this little tidbit or the fact that this woman believed that I actually entered myself into a tape rolling competition and beat out all the other entrants. It really amazes me what people will believe when I keep a straight face.

I’m probably setting myself up to never be trusted again, but I’m OK with that. I behave in the name of comedy.


I'm a regular guy with a regular job. I write for fun, self-reflection and to possibly impart some of my thoughts on those that will listen. I do not claim to be an expert on anything, but have opinions on many things.

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