Fitbit Charge: The OLED

Home Calling!

My month of Fitbit is off to an outstanding start. So far, over the past one and a half days I’ve taken 22,547 steps.  I’m not sure how accurate the tracking is, but I’m not going to walk around counting my steps in my head…I’ll let a little computer on my wrist do the dirty work.

One of the cooler features of this Fitbit Charge is the OLED display. This was the selling point for me!  I know it’s not as techie as the Fitbit Surge or some of those other smart watches set to come out, but it works for me.

Since owning a smart phone, I’ve had no need for a watch. I simply take my phone out of my pocket to check the time…or get in a quick game of 2048. The watch has turned into a useless accessory for me….until now.

I think it’s pretty cool if that band on your wrist can do a little more than tell you the time. The Fitbit Charge’s ability to show Caller ID is what has me smiling here like a lunatic. Here’s the scenario:  Your phone is in your pocket (or man-purse)…your phone starts ringing…it’s too loud and you can’t hear your phone, or you just didn’t feel the vibration in your pants…maybe you were wearing MC Hammer pants. The point being, with this Caller ID feature on your Fitbit Charge, you’ll get a little pulse on your wrist with the Caller ID flash over the OLED screen.



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One comment on “Fitbit Charge: The OLED
  1. fitbitguy says:

    You said “vibration in your pants” a huh huh huh huh… – Beavis

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