Fitbit and Synchronization

image: "Sink" by Shawn Allen on Flickr

image: “Sink” by Shawn Allen on Flickr

Let me tell you a little something.  I love it when things are synced up.  Whether it is a bunch of swimmers or my techie gadgets…I love me a good synchronization.

This little gadget of mine plays nice with most other apps on the ol’ smartphone. When I log my food intake on myfitnesspal, the syncing gods send it over to the Fitbit app. When it’s time for something more extreme than walking, I dial up my runkeeper to track those activities. The gods of sync send it over to the Fitbit app. Everyone seems to be playing along nicely.

You have to be careful though. Sometimes, you can over sync. My advice:  Send all data to Fitbit. Don’t sync up other apps with eachother. For example, I had myfitnesspal synced up with runkeeper and it sent over 2 workouts to Fitbit. This may skew your numbers a bit.

Now, I’ve only had this thing for five days, but I’ve come across one syncing issue:  Apple Health.  Apparently, the Apple healthkit does not get along with Fitbit. I’m not really sure why. I haven’t read all the forum posts or blog posts about the issue. I’m hoping these two would work out their differences in the future…I need another synced app.

If the five of you reading this post know how to send data to the Apple Health app, please reply in the comments.


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3 comments on “Fitbit and Synchronization
  1. fitbitguy says:

    You know who else used to love syncing? N’Sync…and the people who made the Titanic.

  2. fitbitguy says:

    Reblogged this on fitbitguy and commented:
    Rumor is that John Lennons first draft of All you need is Love contained the line “All you really ever need is fitbit”

  3. miabifilms says:

    This app lets you sync to Apple Health, but my question is why do you need to?

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