Fitbit and MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal and Fitbit

I’m not a scientist. And I’m not exactly sure how calories “work.” I do know what a calorie is, but how do a few mini computers calculate the amount of calories you eat and subtract the amount of calories you’ve worked out and also tell you how many calories you’re allowed to eat….the only obvious answer is witchcraft.

I know these computers must do what computers do…compute, but it still boggles my mind.

I’m not exactly sure how valid these numbers are either. Sometimes I’m just sitting at my desk an…WHOOP!…I’ve made a few steps. Other nights, my wrist starts vibrating because I’ve just completed my calorie burning goal.  I swear I don’t do anything too active.

I’ve been religiously logging my food intake into MyFitnessPal.  I’m still a bit perturbed at the differences in calories on the same food.  I just want to type in “apple” and get the same, accurate calories every time.  Another nuisance is this whole measuring system. I will never count my apples in “grams.” I will count them in actual numbers…1 apple…1/2 apple. 1 Orange…1/4 Orange.  Never will I ever chop up my fruit and measure out 2 grams of an apple. Who does that?

I do like how MyFitnessPal connects with Fitbit and adjust my calories for me. Kudos to synchronicity!

Some questions I still kinda want to know the answer to, but am too lazy to google it…how many calories do I burn with one step? How about one step up a staircase? How about a giant step? How does Fitbit know how I walk?


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2 comments on “Fitbit and MyFitnessPal
  1. KJEFitness says:

    Posting on this within the next few days!

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