Fitbit Told Me I Only Have Three Friends

Fitbit Friends

The competitive aspect of Fitbit is a pretty good motivator. As it says on the friend’s screen, “A little healthy competition is a great thing.” Competition should get you working harder. Competition should keep you going. Competition should make you better.

Here’s the problem:  I feel like a real schlep when I’m at the bottom of the list all the time. Do my friends really take more “steps” than me?  Are they secretly just moving their wrist back and forth to pad their numbers? They can’t be that much more active than me? Is my band broken?

Being at the bottom really makes me want to get up and be more active. Sometimes that means just walking over to the fridge for a treat. Other times, I get up and run in place for a while.

I want more friends. I bet if I had more Fitbit friends, I would be able to make it out of the bottom of the list. I’m just sick and tired of being last. Maybe there should be a way to become “friends” with anyone you know that also tracks their steps…not necessarily with a Fitbit. I bet the people with those jawbones have a friendly competition over on their dashboard. Why can’t we mingle with them? I know it is a bit of a Montague and Capulet type feud, but come on…it’s 2015! Can’t those devices have some sort of deal where there users can be friends with our users?

Maybe that’s already a thing that I don’t know about…

Steps taken as of this post:  205,364


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