Boiled Peanuts

boiled peanuts

Ok. I cheated on this one. I lived in South Carolina for two years and these delicious little legumes are abundant in the south. The only difference…they are mostly boiled in the parking lot of a gas station where the food handling safety standards are a lot lower than regular health standards. That’s what makes them so good. Oh! That and the handfuls of salt that go into the boiling process. Your blood pressure will rise just watching a local stew up a batch of freshly boiled peanuts.

This isn’t the first boiled peanut I’ve eaten and it certainly won’t be the last. Nothing beats a freshly boiled peanut…but, I’ll tell you what….canned boiled peanuts are just about as good as the real thing. If you can find these in your grocery store, buy them….open them…heat them….eat them.

Synopsis:  I will definitely buy again.


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