Mark's Mug

My Thinking Mug

My Month Of….is a self-reflective journey through monthly “challenges” given to me by me. I seek to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis.

I do not claim to be an expert on any of the topics that I tackle on a monthly basis. I look more to change my behavior and outlook for the long run. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I go stagnant. I can only try to get better as I live my life.

I understand that no one is reading…and I’m OK with that. My only goal is to bestow some knowledge and learnings as I attempt some of these monthly goals.

Oh!  I have a busy little life with a lovely little wife and a cutie little girl with some cutie little curls. Sometimes I like to rhyme.


One comment on “About
  1. Anna says:

    A fellow challenger! Welcome to it. I kind of love this process or self improvement, and I think we’re all on our way!

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The Next ChallengeMarch 1st, 2015
The next challenge is right around the corner!

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